Shake it Baby

Isnt modern technology wonderful, with out it  I wouldnt have been able to bring you these wonderful images. I was at a Stag party recently and a very nice man took these wonderful moving images just for you to be able to partake in the fun of my show**G** hope you  like them.
hahaha tricked you lol but the real ones are just about to appear dont forget to turn your sound up so that you can hear it nice and clearly.**smile while you are watching .
hmmmmm Housten we have a problem !!!! **G** i cant seem to get the mpgs to stay in one place long enough for you to look at clearly but if you email me and ask me really nicely then I can email them to you and you will have your own little show happening complete with music that you can listen to and  watch any time you fancy!!

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Dont forget to hand over all chocolate and coffee to the angels so that they can be better equipped to show you round LOL just teasing you. And dont forget  that you can contact me  by ringing me on the 09-826-1008 or on the mobile 027 421-9386, or by emailing me by clicking on the link.

have a great day now , and I will catch up with you again real soon